Take a look at the three book trailers. Three adventure novels have been published in Catalan, only The Grumpy Gardener has an English version… better than nothing!

The Grumpy Gardener

The title was given by Anna Castillo just after I scolded her daughter for plucking flowers from the garden. I still don’t know who was more grumpy, her or me…

Three seasons passed before I finished this traveller novel that aims to be a nature preservation hymn and a binding link between between the child and reading exercise.

It is designed to be read without tiring you, with short chapters, but enough long to relax the child before falling asleep. Be ready to hear “more, one chapter more, please…”

Isn’t that nice? 😉

The Magic Twig

Once I finished the Grumpy Gardener, I realized that my nephew Rishi’s 10th birthday was coming up. I wanted to give him a special present. Is there anything more original than the birthday boy being the main character? Rishi inspired me and I finished the novel in three months. Then I laid it out and printed it. The final touch was to bind it.

My friend Anna Malet recommended a good traditional bookbinder, with polished and elegant work, who also does hardcover work. The result was a hard green cover, with embedded gold letters. I was probably more excited than he was, but he gave me a sweet big hug. But not as big as the kisses he sent me when weeks later he called me to tell me that he read the entire book in one go! “Thank you aunty” 🙂

I was definitely laborious work, probably the most difficult gift I ever made, but it was the one that brought me the most joy. That January I would never have imagined that some month later the boook would win the IV Vicenta Ferrer Vila de Paterna Prinze and that would be published to be read by a large audience.

Unfortunately, there is only a Catalan edition. But if you are an English editor thrilled to publish it in your language, do not hesitate to contact me!

Pakamotu’s lost treasure

My real treasure was the trip to Polynesia. After the Society Islands, I flew to the Tuamotu, an archipelago of atolls, rings of land in the middle of the ocean, that are impressive to see from the air.

Life there is peaceful and calm. Could it be because the ocean that surrounds it has a placid name? (Pacific means placid in Catalan). To find adventure there all you need is restlessness, because “curiosity and necessity are essential ingredients for exploration”.

Unfortunately, there is only a Catalan edition. But if you are an English editor thrilled to publish it in your language, do not hesitate to contact me!

“He aquí una aventurera en toda regla: Anna Genover. Una aventurera de las mías, las que de niñas soñábamos con protagonizar mil historias fantásticas imitando a nuestros héroes literarios. Y que, cuando crecimos, tuvimos la suerte de descubrir que podíamos seguir viviendo esas historias si nosotras mismas las plasmábamos sobre el papel…

No perdáis de vista a esta escritora porque dará mucho que hablar, estoy segura.”

” Bugs, maggots and mites! Great story! I truly have enjoyed the Grumpy Gardener’s book. This amusing, fun and instructive story offers a new vision of this terrible monster named Climatic Change. Two thumbs up!”

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